MUUZZA is born because not only of dreams lives man.

After 30 years of making tables, this family that combines the experience embedded in the first generation with the spontaneity and dynamism of the second, understands that the times are of change.

The genuine taste for furniture now calls for combining your passion for interior decoration. The old manufacturing calls for being complemented by an enlargement in segmentation. The taste for the challenge sees the team. Contact with people is a call. Ideas explode. The conditions are met to make MUUZZA the most complete interior furniture company.


MUUZZA elevates us to an experience that transcends time in all its magnitude. It awakens us to the power of the gods, their wrath or goodness, their beauty, their whims.

Although of mythological origin, they have always been and will be a great inspiration that allows us to transpose the traditional and bold our vision. It’s the romanticized version of life in each of us.

From the experience in which we are inspired every day and at the forefront of a bold concept, MUUZZA emerges as an inspiring milestone of a desire to want to do something conceptual, unique and fundamentally different.